Complement your kitchen and bathroom with Schots’ Tapware


In the same way that jewellery completes an outfit, well-chosen sinks and tapware act as the final flourish, completing any kitchen, bathroom or laundry remodel, renovation or new build.

Carefully selecting a sink and tapware that complement each other and the space they inhabit can bring a project together, transforming it from boring to brilliant in the blink of an eye.

Schots Home Emporium stocks a curated selection of sinks in a range of traditional, ultra-modern and industrial styles and fabrications, including fireclay, concrete and steel. Available in single- and double-width, above- and under-counter variations come in colour options from classic black and white to modern concrete, brushed gold, silver and black.

Complementary tapware fittings are offered in conventional silver and bronze varieties as well as of-the-moment matt black and brass alternatives. Boasting a large range of cutting-edge, contemporary and period-style mixer taps, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re after a fashionable angular fitting or something more rounded and traditional.

Each and every item in the Schots range has been chosen for its quality construction, durability and unique ability to elevate your home’s visual and functional appeal. Take advantage of the in-house passion for unique design and craftsmanship online and in-store.

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