Luxury Bathroom

Heaven in Your Bathroom


The ultimate in bathroom luxury can be yours with the new range of products from Decina.

This Australian manufacturer enables you to feel the heavenly effects of a shower that’s not just designed for cleanliness, but relaxation too.

The Sofia and Verso shower towers are completely unique. These all-in-one showers offer an indulgent combination of body massage jets, an overhead rainfall shower, a waterfall outlet and even a hand shower and holder for the ultimate in relaxation.

A heavenly bathroom isn’t just about the utmost in luxury, but also in how the room looks. That’s why it’s so important to frame your shower with a screen that looks amazing and is made from quality materials.

Introducing the Manhattan shower screen, with black frame and panel detailing. This bold and unique screen is designed to be installed as an alcove screen, or you can add a return side panel to create a unique shower enclosure. The Manhattan is perfect for industrial-style bathrooms or those who want a bold, contemporary look.

If your bathroom is a haven of clean design, the Fitzroy is perfect for you. This screen embraces minimalism with its frameless door, which also makes it well suited to smaller spaces. It’s designed for alcove or shower recess installations.

It can be hard to make a wet-room-style bathroom look good, yet Decina once again excels in this area with its range of M-series panels. These are available in clear or tinted glass with black or chrome fittings, and come in different sizes with the option to wall-mount or leave freestanding.

All these screens come with the Decina protective EZI clean coating, which makes cleaning simple; no water marks or streaks are left on the glass. They’re generous in size, stretching up to 2m high, and are made with toughened safety glass. This finish and those striking modern designs mean it’s never been easier to keep your bathroom looking good.

Yet perhaps the best part about all these products is the Decina level of quality. These premium designs come with long, competitive warranties, with the Sofia and Verso shower towers holding a seven-year warranty, and the screens and panels holding a five-year warranty. All products are, of course, made to Australian safety standards.

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