Four clever bathroom storage ideas

Four clever bathroom storage ideas


Who says bathroom storage has to be ordinary? Here are four unique ways of organising your space …

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An ideal solution for individuals or large families sharing a bathroom, towel ladders sport a simple design that allows multiple towels to dry in the same space. Combine this functional product with a seating option and you have a bathroom must-have. The RÅGRUND, from IKEA, is small-bathroom friendly, with space for three towels and an extra shelf at its base.


Engioi Storage Trolley


We’re not talking about the supermarket type here. Trolleys are one of our favourite forms of storage as they are mobile and easily accessible, meaning you’ll be able to wheel around personal grooming and styling items to suit yourself. They can also hold towels in a location of your choice. Cheery and bright, the Car-Met Engioi storage trolley in yellow is one example of a fun way to spice up your space and add functionality.


Four clever bathroom storage ideas


When considering storage, think outside the standard vanity. Your space can be gorgeous and minimalist with storage integrated via wall-hung drawers and cabinets. The Gino Cassetto and Open Vitrinas are two options for incredible functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions, so you can have the sleek space you desire.


Collapsible Basket


Aesthetically pleasing, portable and an easy way to confine clutter, baskets are great to hold towels or dirty clothes in a small space. While not unusual in itself, the Saardé wire basket certainly is unique in design. A collapsible frame handcrafted in India using powder-coated wire, this basket is minimalist, rustic and full of character.

Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 25 No. 4