Tastic Prime Lifestyle

A Tastic product for your Bathroom


Since first coming to life in 1977 the Tastic product has become an iconic addition to bathrooms across Australia

Earlier this year IXL released two new bathroom ranges; the refreshed Tastic Classic and new premium Tastic Luminate range, with options to suit every household.

Continuing the trajectory of the Tastic platform into the premium bathroom space, Tastic Luminate is designed as a contemporary and sleek product suited to high-spec bathrooms. This range is simple and easy to install by utilising a CAT6 cable and plug & play connection, significantly reducing installation time. Luminate Single and Dual offer an impressive 28 per cent improvement on airflow extraction when compared to the existing premium range, whilst also featuring an energy-efficient and dimmable LED with the option of warm white and cool white lighting. These models have an auto heat lamp timer cut-off, further promoting sustainable living. There is a model to suit any bathroom size, with the single unit suitable for rooms up to 10m2 with shower and 25m2 without.

If you prefer the traditional 3-in-1 design, the Tastic Classic range is easy to install and offers an average of 10 per cent improvement on airflow extraction when compared to the existing classic range. The units also feature a multi-option LED, with the choice of warm, cool and daylight lighting at the flick of a switch, all while showcasing the iconic Tastic look and feel.