You've heard of Project Runway, here comes Project Doorway

You’ve heard of Project Runway, here comes Project Doorway


Is your front door absolutely fabulous? If so, it could star in Australia’s Biggest Front Door Photo Shoot and earn you a share of $50,000

Style is so important to us house proud Australians. If we’re investing in a new family home, we what it to look fabulous!

If you’ve recently built, or are looking to build, you’ll know that a “fab” facade starts at the front door, and the door handle, itself, is a surprisingly important piece of the puzzle.

Door handles are more than just functional things. Just like a beautiful watch combines form and function, a stylish door handle is like a piece of jewellery for your home. The perfect handle design allows you to complete the look and add a finishing touch.

Gainsborough, part of the Allegion family of brands and maker of Australia’s most stylish door handles, has announced a nationwide search for Australia’s most stylish front doors. Teaming up with Australia’s leading home builders Gainsborough is paying $200 for every winning photo they select.

The best photos will be used by Gainsborough and participating builders in their marketing and advertising material. However, unlike other User Generated Content (UGC) competitions, Gainsborough is paying cash money for every photo they want to use.

It’s been dubbed “Australia’s Biggest Front Door Photo Shoot”, and it’s coming to a screen near you. In fact, Gainsborough has gone so far as to make a fashion-film style video to promote the project, asking the question “Is your front door wearing Gainsborough?”

You can watch the video, find out more and upload your own photo at