Hamptons meets Queenslander in this first-floor revival


Hamptons meets Queenslander, Modern marries traditional in this refined abode.


Built upon layers of detail and extensive research, this residence exceeded the homeowners brief. With three young kids and lots of time spent entertaining, the family wanted a spacious kitchen with maximum storage and a beautiful outlook to the gardens.

American design influences are evident in the black cabinetry, the dramatic coffer ceilings and the large refined Hamptons style windows. The colour scheme is a mixture of soft, fresh, vibrant and contemporary, reflective of the Hamptons genre and has been carefully selected to complement the client’s artwork collection. The various colours create a beautiful ambience, and enhance details in the cabinetry, wainscoting and interior architectural features.

There is symmetry throughout, with nothing forgotten, not only in visual design but storage. “Within cupboards there are hidden drawers for bottle openers and other little gadgets,” designer Lena Gatti shares. “A drawer under the coffee machine is laid out like a hotel for coffee and tea items, while other compartments hide knife blocks, utensils, tea towel racks and cleaning products. Everything is accessible and organised.” Combined with careful zoning, this highly functional home offers a unique Hamptons-cross-Queenslander-style home.

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Large openings throughout the interior and a multitude of windows enhance the function of the first floor, achieving cross-ventilation in light-filled rooms well suited to the sunny Queensland climate. The main kitchen’s servery windows in particular were custom-made to seamlessly open and allow in breezes. Solar panels were incorporated into the design for the rare times air conditioning is required.

Elegant and sophisticated, this home shines with American Hamptons detail and Queenslander charm. The spaces are fresh and functional and designed for the family to enjoy now and well into the future.


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