Luxury bathroom

Luxury hotel bathrooms we can’t get enough of


Join us on a trip around the world to seek inspiration for the hotel-style bathroom of your dreams

Do you visit luxury hotels and resorts overseas and find yourself thinking, “Now this is exactly what I need at home!”? I know I do; almost every resort stay results in new ideas for a bathroom renovation of the luxury variety.

Though the bathroom ideas you dream up when surrounded by luxury may seem a little too extravagant for everyday life, think about how relaxed and happy you were feeling at the time. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could replicate that at home every time you stepped into your bathroom?

luxury bathroom

This is the one space in your home that is dedicated to me-time. It’s where you can unwind, relax and indulge yourself. It’s true that replicating a hotel bathroom down to its marble floor-to-ceiling tiling, high-end spa bath and panoramic ocean views may be a little too costly — and perhaps downright impossible — but it is possible to gather a few favourite features from these spaces to design a luxurious bathroom for your abode.

Intrigued? We’ve taken a look at a few of our favourite hotel and resort bathroom spaces from around the world and explored features that can be replicated or adapted to your own space. Prepare to be transported to Thailand and Morocco, then to the Philippines and finally to Brazil to source features worthy of your new hotel-inspired bathroom.


Inspired by the native Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan), who enjoyed an opulent life, the Bird’s Nest Villas at Keemala Resort are the epitome of nature-inspired luxe. The well-lit bathrooms featured in these villas are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating. The stone bath overlooks the lush mountains, the stone flooring mimics the soothing texture of rocky surfaces surrounding the nearby ocean, and direct access to the beautiful private pool is available. The mosaic-tile floor finish in the shower is particularly noteworthy; it was designed by Chiang Mai native artist Surachai Sripaiboon, who also created the mosaic murals at the welcome pavilion and lobby of the resort.

Luxury bathroom

Our fave features:

  1. Bird’s Nest pendant lights. These do a marvellous job of bringing an extra element of natural beauty to this exquisite space.
  2. Stone bath. Talk about being one with nature. This bath would look incredible in any nature-inspired luxe space and is perfect for those who take relaxation seriously.
  3. Unique shower area. There’s nothing like a custom unique element to create a point of difference in a bathroom. The open nature of this gorgeous shower area makes the bathroom feel extra spacious and the mosaic floor tiles are stunning.

LA MAMOUNIA: Marrakesh, Morocco

La Mamounia, a palace-hotel located in the lively Moroccan city of Marrakesh, was designed to provide guests with a wholly sensory experience. Its rooms and public areas embody the very best of Morocco’s rich culture and design practices — Zellige tile work in Majorelle blue, green and orange, the flowing lines of Arabesque sculptures, the textured fabrics, and gentle warmth of woods combine to create a visual and tactile feast for travellers hoping to relax and rejuvenate amid Morocco’s beauty. The bathroom pictured, one of the hotel’s many breathtaking spaces, exudes an irresistible sense of Moroccan luxe, with the benefit if modern technology and fit-outs.

Luxury Bathroom Luxury Bathroom Luxury Bathroom

Our fave features:

  1. Marble tiles and basins. Marble screams opulence and is capable of being tasteful, even when used abundantly.
  2. Bold ceiling and walls. It’s refreshing to see rich colour used the way it has been in this bathroom. The golden and blue hues create a beautiful contrast to the marble tiles and give the space an extra touch of Moroccan luxe.
  3. Feature mirrors. There’s a sense of old-world royalty to Moroccan design, highlighted beautifully by these intricate statement mirrors.

NAY PALAD HIDEAWAY: Siargao, Philippines

Nestled between ancient mangrove forests and the white-sand beaches of the island of Siargao, the Nay Palad Hideaway is a world unto itself. Designed by acclaimed architect Daniel Pouzet, it comprises nine stunning villas and a sprawling master villa, complete with its own private pool and secluded beach. Sustainable luxury is an important part of the hotel’s culture, demonstrated in stunning fashion by the exquisite deluxe bathrooms located in the ocean-view villas. Each space encourages guests to be one with nature and enjoy the rejuvenating stillness of the present.

 Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathroom

Our fave features:

  1. The rainforest shower. This villa’s rainforest shower perfectly mimics the natural occurrence of rain. The indoor shower’s open design adds to the illusion of an outdoor experience, as does the area’s flooring.
  2. Beautiful timbers and textures. The juxtaposition of timbers and textures in this bathroom is just exquisite. Take note of the patterned timber doors — such a simple way of adding character to a space.
  3. Access to the outdoors. Abundant natural light is crucial for any luxurious space, and this bathroom is bathing in it, thanks to its direct access to an outside area. It’s the perfect combination of indoors and out.


Luxury bathroom

Here’s one for those who love bringing an element of wellness to their relaxation regime. The Ponta Dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort is located alongside Santa Catarina’s beaches, and offers an experience that is a whole new calibre of beachside luxe. The Especial Esmarelda, pictured, is one of many bungalows guests can choose to book. It’s the most exclusive bungalow in the resort, with ocean views and abundant space guaranteeing guests an incredible experience. The bungalow features a sauna, spa bathrooms with a large whirlpool bath, and tatamis for when a massage is desired. With the private outdoor deck and a warn infinity pool just steps away, this space is the perfect embodiment of a luxurious wellness-inspiring resort experience.