Why you’ll be tempted to build a split level home


Circular couches, fondue parties and shag rugs… It’s hard to think of a split level home and not envision the iconic living rooms of the 70s. However, these tiered builds offer much more than a Brady Bunch vibe.

A recent resurgence in demand for split level homes has delivered creative designs like CANVAS Designer Homes’ Atkinson 34 design. This inspired design effortlessly combines the practical benefits of a split level home with desirable modern styles. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll be tempted to build a split level home.

Sloping blocks don’t have to be an uphill battle

Rather than going to the time and expense of cutting in to a sloping block, choose a split level design that harmonies with the land’s topography. Embrace a build that doesn’t kick off with the challenge of an excavation. You never know when boulders are lurking beneath the surface. With less room spent on complex retaining walls, you’ll find more usable area to spend on the spaces that count.

A space for everything and everything in its space

Once you’ve maximised the space your land has to offer, its time to explore the versatility that a split level home can bring to your lifestyle. A short flight of stairs gives each level a clear definition, with the opportunity to create a sense of lofty space.

Choose a design like the Atkinson 34 by CANVAS Designer Homes located at the Spring Mountain Display to discover how a split level design can grant you a sensational sense of space. The statement entry area on the ground level ensures that guests will enjoy a grand, high-ceilinged introduction to your home.

This airy, inviting space makes for a wonderful second living area. It is clearly defined but within easy reach of the rest of the house. A gorgeous study nook enclosed in trendy glass panels at the top of the stairs boasts a fantastic outlook towards the vast front windows. Furthermore, there’s plenty of space beneath the stairs to include an extra storage area or funky powder room option.

More reasons to decorate

Let your creative vision loose with the opportunity to give multiple spaces their own character. The unique premise of a split level offers new challenges for styling that can result in truly remarkable interiors.

A room with a view

If there are noteworthy views or extra privacies to be offered from a particular aspect of your block, the versatility of a split level home invites you to take advantage of them. The natural contours of your land could offer a stunning sunset view that is best seen from a split level’s ingeniously placed living room.

Celebrate the differences

Now that you’ve embraced the lay of the land, why not highlight its differences in a standout design? Centrally located kitchen is one of the most popular features of CANVAS Designer Homes’ Atkinson 34. The kitchen boasts open views towards the meal room and family room. Additionally, there is a fully customisable al fresco precinct. Personalise your outdoor area to meld with the landscape around you, the perfect complement to a synergistic flow of space.

As Queensland’s number one builder and Victoria’s fastest growing home builder, CANVAS Designer Homes comprises a team with over 22 years of experience. They offer expert advice on how to enhance your block’s features with a split level design.


For more information: www.mycanvas.com.au

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