Luxury kitchen and bathroom spaces oozing with elegance by Hettich


Designed to perfection by Zephyr + Stone, this luxury home’s kitchen and bathroom spaces are a sight to behold. Oozing with elegance and opulence, the rooms were designed to be aesthetically appealing for years to come. And, thanks to the clever use of Hettich’s AvanTech YOU drawers and waste system, WingLine L bifolding door system and Sensys soft-closing hinge, the spaces are delightfully functional too.

The AvanTech YOU drawer system is Hettich’s sleek and modern thin-walled drawer option. It is an ideal solution for spaces that demand both form and function. With completely invisible screws and fixtures, it facilitates a flawless, seamless look with ease.

The system offers unparalleled customisation options, including DesignCapes and Design Profiles. Its broad choice of colours and materials allows it to complement any interior design style, including luxe-look spaces like in this home.

Zephyr + Stone included a waste system in the kitchen, which integrates seamlessly into the space while helping the homeowners keep the area clean at all times. This AvanTech YOU waste system succeeds in keeping the cleaning and waste zone neat by hiding it, thereby freeing up precious floor space.

Bifold doors are ideal for kitchens as they offer convenience for storage as well as easy display. Hettich’s WingLine bifolding door system has revolutionised folding doors, with its new opening mechanism bringing everything inside the cabinet into view effortlessly.

It boasts a sleek running performance and soft open-close action. Best of all, it allows for hassle-free, tool-less installation, offering the convenience of one-person installation.

This increased efficiency during the building phase of the luxury project you see here helps get the project off the ground swiftly. Though the WingLine L bifolding door system appears in this home’s kitchen, thanks to its adaptability it’s also suitable for bedrooms and home offices too. When talking about the bifold doors above, it’s remiss not to mention the Sensys soft-close hinge too.

Hettich’s Sensys soft-close hinge combined with the door’s own running track system is what makes the WingLine system work so smoothly in the first place. Reliable, long-lasting, sleek and elegant, it’s ideal for luxury spaces that are built to last.

This hinge offers smooth and effortless movement, providing a comfortable and convenient experience when opening and closing doors. With its integrated Silent System, the hinge operates with efficiency, ensuring a quiet and gentle closing every time.

Hettich understands the importance of functionality, durability and aesthetics in architectural design. That’s why its fittings are chosen for high-end projects like this home time and time again.

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