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DesignLine Kitchens and Bathroom owner Carla Waghorn found after many years of working long hours and creating little havens in people’s homes that she, too, deserved a place where she could relax and feel pampered.
After creating an extension to her beautiful home, Carla designed a spacious bathroom that looked like it would fit right in to a luxury resort.  Overlooking the pool through the large windows, the opulent main bathroom utilises a clever design idea to provide privacy. Automatic roll-down blinds were installed; these blinds detect when a person has walked into the bathroom. They roll down for privacy and roll back up when they’ve detected no movement  in the bathroom.
There’s simply no denying this bathroom’s classic style. When you walk into the room, you are welcomed with plenty of light reflecting off the natural pale travertine floor tiles. The exquisite egg-shaped freestanding bath is clearly the
focal point of the room. The owners are able to relax and enjoy the peaceful surrounds of the bathroom while soaking in the bath.
Complementing the travertine tiling, the  wall-hung vanity adds a lovely natural feel.  The divine Belgian Oak colour used further enhances the earthy and purely relaxing feel  the bathroom imbues. A custom-built glass display cabinet with an internal downlight is used to divide those spaces that require the most privacy. There’s semi-frosted frameless glass for the shower enclosure on one side and a toilet suite on the other. A sanctuary for anyone who craves relaxation after a long day at work, this bathroom is clearly some of Carla and DesignLine Kitchens and Bathrooms’ best work.

Designer: Carla Waghorn for DesignLine Kitchens and Bathrooms’

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 18 Volume 1

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