Modern Minimalism in Tapware Designs

Phoenix Tapware has been producing designer tapware, showers and accessories for three decades, and has now introduced its brand-new Axia collection.

A fresh take on modern minimalism, the Axia range offers a full suite of beautifully crafted, ultra-thin bathroom tapware set to become classic hero pieces in their own right.

The highlight of the collection is the wall-mounted mixer set with its non-traditional, non-horizontal design. Inspired by the elegant way a thin sheet of metal folds and bends, the diagonal setting of the large dial and long outlet creates a fine, profiled piece that feels light and effortless.

Available in chrome, matt black and brushed nickel, the range features lever-less handles with fine-precision-etched grooves for easy operation and control while providing a pared-back, minimalist look.

All Axia products contain high-quality brass European cartridges that carry a worry-free lifetime replacement warranty, as well as a year’s labour warranty and seven years’ replacement warranty for products or parts for all finishes.

Unlike anything on the market, the crisp detailing of this modern minimalist design aesthetic provides architecture lovers with statement tapware that complements a contemporary environment.

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