Effortless and elegant bathroom design


Intelligent design and an innovative approach have turned this simple bathroom, by LJT Bathrooms, into something special

Like a Hollywood starlet 20 years past her prime, the bathroom in this grand home was in need of a makeover. With outdated fixtures and fittings, it was time to revamp the space, located in the leafy Sydney suburb of Pymble. With little knowledge of where to start the renovating process, the homeowners called on the expertise of Lynette Tebbenhoff from LJT Bathrooms to help create their new space. “They needed assistance with all the selections, colours and design,” Lynette says. “Both the powder room and bathroom were to have the same theme and colours and allow for the owners’ special needs.” Also on the bathroom wish list were a free-standing bath, walk-in shower, plenty of storage options and custom-made products.

In terms of design challenges, Lynette says the main problem to overcome was the limited amount of space. “The powder room had minimum space and the bathroom had to allow enough space to enter the shower and bath. The vanities had to be custom made to fit and to ensure all storage needs were met,” she says. Stepping into the new bathroom, you’re immediately struck by the unique colour scheme. The olive-green metallic floors provide a point of interest, while vertical strips of mixed glass mosaics add a stylish touch. Specially acquired mirrors with a metallic-themed design concept complement the unique glass tops of the vanities. The large walk-in shower has glass features to match these glass tops and the beautiful floor tiles.

From every angle, this space simply oozes effortless elegance and sophisticated style. “The colour scheme and metallic looks are very glamorous and the overall finish is really something special,” says Lynette.

Designed by Lynette Tebbenhoff and built by LJT BATHROOMS

Originally in Bathroom Yearbook, Volume 16

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