Shower-sauna hybrid: the best of both worlds

Shower-sauna hybrid: the best of both worlds


Blow off steam in the bathroom with this state-of-the-art steam shower system

Bathrooms can and should be more than a place to do your business — take yours from humdrum space to luxury escape with a Mr Steam system from Geyser Australiasia.

Combining the best features of a shower and a sauna, steam shower systems offer a rare chance to completely revitalise body and mind without leaving your home.

Trend-setters in the US have already caught on, and the steam shower’s popularity has outgrown the more traditional spa bath.

Models from Mr Steam offer incredible smart functionality and beautiful modern design, and comprise an advanced steam generator purported to help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, burn calories and create a sense of utter relaxation and calm.

The iSteam in-shower control panel features hydrophobic glass and offers incredible functionality and simple touch and swipe controls. Use it to customise your steam shower’s temperature, chroma therapy lighting and running time, and even to play your favourite music while you enjoy a momentary escape.

Incredibly advanced features allow you to control your steam shower with your smartphone or tablet, and you can even infuse the steam with your favourite aromatherapy essential oils. So don’t wait for a spa day to chill out; heat up your bathroom with Mr Steam.

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Originally in Bathroom Yearbook Volume 20