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“The design criteria for the bathroom spaces of this Sunshine Coast home dubbed ‘The Art House’ called for a luxurious look and feel throughout, so I carefully handpicked each material used. In the master bathroom, I designed an origami-inspired double vanity that replicates a work of art. Made with Staron Solid Surfaces in the Pebble Frost colour and back lit, the surface illuminates to create impact.

The apron fronts of the vanity wrap around the oversized ostrich hide drawers and fold back in on themselves. The inside of the basin features Staron in Quasar White and folds down from the vanity surface, with a rectangle of light peeking through the smart wastes. The addition of dimmable illumination from these surfaces also provides a beautiful soft atmosphere. The lower main bathroom of The Art House has a luxury spa feel. The custom vanity top is made entirely with Staron in Quasar White and folds back in on itself on the front apron and down from the vanity surface with a rectangular shape that continues the origami-inspired design. The double-ended bath sits within a Staron Pebble Chocolate platform that blends beautifully with the Pietra limestone floor and walls, and appears to float above the ground, wrapping around and under the vanity to house concealed drawers. These designs create the relaxation haven the homeowners had requested for their bathrooms. I selected Staron for its durability, smooth finish, non-porous and illuminative characteristics. The aesthetic beauty of the product also complements the other materials to create a truly glamorous atmosphere.”

Designer: Mark Gacesa for Ultraspace

Staron Design Award Winner 2017


EXPERT TIP: Using similar colours and materials is a great way to create flow between spaces.

We love the main bathroom’s custom vanity top, which is made entirely with Staron.


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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Issue 25 Volume 2

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