Stay Safe in the Bathroom

Stay Safe in the Bathroom


Staying safe in the bathroom has never been easier thanks to American Standard.

This brand has been keeping bathrooms hygienic for more than 140 years thanks to high-performing products that are designed with cleanliness in mind.

This all starts with American Standard’s unique and clever design features, which are exemplified here in the Cygnet Collection. This Australian favourite sets a new standard in technology and flexibility, paired with sleek designs that will suit your bathroom style.

The Cygnet Hygiene Rim toilet technology results in a unit that’s incredibly easy to clean. There’s simply nowhere for the germs to hide with this design, which comes in a variety of price points, ensuring good hygiene is well within your budget.

This easy-clean technology is perfectly complemented by the powerful Double Vortex. This flushing system flushes all the water at once from two points at the top of the bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool that carries away waste completely.

You can even upgrade your American Standard toilet suite with the SpaLet E-Bidet seat. This product is the ultimate personal hygiene tool that allows you to enjoy the benefits of washing with water paired with a refreshing sense of comfort. Choose from five indulgent spray options, each designed to meet your personal needs.

It’s the little things that matter — and American Standard has certainly considered that in the design of this product. It incorporates separate posterior and feminine cleansing, as well as self-cleaning nozzles, an auto-deodoriser and even a heated seat and massage function for the utmost in comfort.

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