block bathroom

That Bathroom


So you would have to have been living under a rock if you don’t know about that bathroom…the winning bathroom this week on The Block. Sophisticated, stylish, modern and simply crying out for a bubble bath, this bathroom is truly beautiful.
Whilst we all can’t afford to transform our bathrooms into luxury beauty pads we can add a couple of accessories to give it a touch of opulence.

Black tiles – changing all of the walls in your bathroom means a majoy reno job but changing just one to create a unqiue feature wall is a quick weekend reno job for extra glam!


Accessories – yes even the ones you don’t really want to instagram about can be instagram worthy! Opt for darker colours with silver finishes for a sleek look.

toilet brush

Lush towels – dry off in style and comfort with plush new towels. To get the look opt for neutral beige colours or earth tones such as sage green and bsicuit brown.


Candles and scents – keep odours at bay and add a resort style feel to your bathroom with velvety lotions and mood setting candles.


Flowers – to add a touch of colour to the bathroom there is always a flower in season. This summer fresh magenta blooms are all the rage!