The Ultimate Bathroom Fan: Revolutionizing Comfort and Style


In the realm of home improvement, innovation often emerges from addressing everyday challenges with creative solutions.

The Fanco Hybrid, a cutting-edge bathroom exhaust fan, stands as a prime example of this trend. Crafted to cater specifically to the Australian market, this fan seamlessly combines high extraction rates with whisper-quiet operation, transforming the bathroom experience into a realm of comfort and tranquillity.

Designed for Australia

Australian homes boast spacious bathrooms, distinct from their global counterparts. Recognizing this, Fanco has meticulously engineered the Hybrid to meet the unique demands of the Australian landscape. Anchored by a high-capacity motor renowned for its unparalleled performance, this bathroom marvel operates at an industry-leading “low” noise level. In a market saturated with clunky, disruptive exhaust fans, the Fanco Hybrid emerges as an oasis of serene ventilation.

Exceptional Performance

The Fanco Hybrid

Central to the Fanco Hybrid’s superiority is its state-of-the-art European-made motor, an engineering marvel that powers its centrifugal impeller. This dynamic duo synergizes to ensure optimal performance, even when coupled with flexible ducting. Unlike conventional models that experience a sharp drop in efficiency with the addition of 2-3 meters of ducting, the Hybrid remains steadfast. With a staggering 6 meters of ducting, the unit maintains an impressive output of over 400 m3/hr. In stark contrast, rival products would falter under such conditions, often experiencing performance degradation to the point of halving or worse.

Designing for Modernity

Contemporary living spaces prioritize harmony between aesthetics and functionality. Fanco takes this to heart, presenting the Hybrid in an array of striking options. Choose from elegant matte white or black finishes, available in both round and square configurations. Alternatively, elevate your bathroom’s allure by selecting a fascia equipped with a CCT LED light, seamlessly melding exhaust fan and lighting functionalities. With its sleek and modular design, the Hybrid integrates effortlessly into your bathroom, bestowing an aura of modernity.

Installation Made Effortless

The Fanco Hybrid

Home improvement projects often evoke visions of complex installations and headaches. The Fanco Hybrid challenges this perception, offering a hassle-free retrofit solution. The fan seamlessly fits a 300mm diameter hole, a standard dimension found in many homes. Moreover, a lead and plug streamline the installation process. If a power point already graces your roof space, upgrading to the Hybrid is as straightforward as a swap.

Aesthetic Appeal and Practicality

The Fanco Hybrid’s aesthetic appeal transcends the ordinary, departing from outdated grille-style covers. Its sleek, discreet design embodies elegance, with matte finishes that blend seamlessly into contemporary bathroom renovations. Embracing minimalism, the Hybrid’s design further contributes to easy maintenance and cleanliness.

Innovative Draft Control

The Fanco Hybrid boasts more than just impeccable design and performance; it incorporates a built-in draft stopper. When the unit is not in operation, this feature effectively seals the system, thwarting unwelcome drafts from infiltrating your bathroom sanctuary. This functionality enhances both energy efficiency and overall comfort, reflecting Fanco’s unwavering commitment to holistic solutions.

In the world of home appliances, the Fanco Hybrid emerges as a trailblazer, redefining bathroom ventilation in Australia. Melding form with function, it raises the bar for quiet operation, impressive performance, and contemporary aesthetics. By seamlessly blending innovation and elegance, Fanco has unveiled an indispensable addition to modern homes – an exhaust fan that not only clears the air but also clears the path toward a new standard of comfort.

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