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A NEW, efficient, scientifically proven way to clean.

When renovating a bathroom or building a new one, don’t let those old enemies stake a claim on your new glass.

Soap scum, limescale and grime can deteriorate new glass in a matter of months, especially in hardwater areas.

Untreated glass surfaces are porous and absorb contaminants, resulting in glass that is etched and discoloured. Cleaning this build up in the shower has to be one of the most disliked household chores.

With EnduroShield, standard glass is transformed into an easy clean, non-stick surface which remains water and oil repellent, and is backed by a true performance warranty.

Scientifically proven, EnduroShield has been tested for durability and efficacy by one of the most prestigious independent certification agencies TÜV Rheinland. Now the technology trusted by companies like IKEA, and used on the spire of the One World Trade Center in New York is available for your bathroom.

EnduroShield keeps glass cleaner for longer, significantly reducing cleaning time. Not having to spend so much time scrubbing your shower will ensure you really enjoy your beautiful new bathroom.

EnduroShield can be applied to new or existing surfaces, available pre-treated from a variety of glass and building suppliers, applied onsite to existing surfaces by a professional applicator, or you can purchase a simple-to-apply, spray on DIY kit.

Why not make your life easy with EnduroShield? Also available for tiles, grout, stainless steel and chrome.


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