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The Tastic Luminate Range is both Efficient & Stylish Thanks to IXL


The Tastic Luminate premium range from IXL is very easy to fall in love with. This clever and effective suite of all-in-one heat/light/vent devices is efficient and stylish thanks to a sleek, streamlined design.

The Tastic Luminate Single ($799.99) comes in white and silver and is best suited to a medium-sized bathroom of up to 9sqm. With a strong airflow of 480m³/hr, this exhaust fan removes steam seemingly without effort, allowing you to enjoy your shower. The multi-option LED provides superior illumination and the 800W infrared heat lamp with rapid halo heat technology ensures you’ll remain toasty warm even when you step out of the spray.

When it comes to energy saving, the Tastic Luminate Single has you covered with a 25W dimmable multi-option LED light globe that has a warm or cool setting. The heat lamp also switches off after one hour of use, again saving you money.

If you’re after a little more heat, IXL’s Tastic Luminate Dual ($989.99) has you covered. This unit comes in white and silver and has all the amazing energy-saving, steam-eliminating features as the single version — but it’s twice as bright and efficient at creating long-lasting warmth thanks to the second 800W infrared heat lamp.

Of course, your bathroom needs are as unique as you are. That’s why IXL has also created the Tastic Luminate Vent & Light Module ($444.99) for those who don’t need the extra bathroom heat, and the Tastic Luminate Vent Module ($369.99) for those who purely want to enjoy the powerful ceiling exhaust fan and banish odours and water vapour without the need for a bulky, less-efficient extraction device.

But you don’t have to limit these quality IXL products to the bathroom. The Tastic Luminate Heat Module ($399.99) can be placed in your bathroom, sure — but it’s equally at home in your walk-in robe, your laundry or even above a work bench. This powerful device comes in white and silver and can be placed anywhere you need a ceiling heater that gets the job done.

The entire Tastic Luminate range is made and designed right here in Australia by IXL. And with a five-year in-home warranty on the unit and two-year replacement warranty on the heat lamp and in-line exhaust, there really has never been a better time to buy local.

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