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Ventair Ensure Optimal Bathroom Pleasure All Year Round


Enjoy optimal conditions all year round in your bathroom with the SAHARA from Ventair. This four-in-one bathroom fan/heat/light/exhaust product is the perfect way to make using your bathroom a pleasure, no matter the season.

The SAHARA is one of the only four-in-one bathroom products available in the Australian market — and it’s incredibly unique in a variety of ways. The SAHARA’s fan heater/blower heats the entire room as opposed to the traditional infrared radiant heaters, which warm just the surface of the skin. This results in less steam, which makes your bathroom less likely to fall victim to mould. High air extraction from the SAHARA’s strong fan is also ideal for the control of steam and moisture.

The premium 20-watt LED light panel with high lumen output allows for optimal illumination, and the SAHARA also features a unique cooling fan function, making it suitable for the warmer climates our country is known for and offering much-needed relief in summer.

But it’s not simply clever function that sees the SAHARA remain a favourite. Its sleek, streamlined design is a step ahead of its competitors, making this four-in-one device a winner in the style stakes too. Installation of your SAHARA is easy as the unit fits perfectly between roof trusses.

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