The Toi Collection by Phoenix


The Australian design team at Phoenix Tapware have paired raw minimalism with a hint of modern architecture in the design of their Toi Collection

Featuring a slim aesthetic, twist dial mixer handle, and split finish design, each piece makes a stylish statement and is available in a range of kitchen and bathroom tapware products, allowing the designer look to be carried throughout the home.

The Toi Collection embraces the current eclectic trend for mixed materials and dual finishes through its material combinations including a Chrome / Matte Black split finish, Matte Black / Brushed Rose Gold combination, and a straight classic Chrome for a more understated look.

Matte Black is a stylish statement finish that complements simple, monochromatic environments, and paired with Chrome, this union is a confident yet sophisticated look. The dusty pink, metallic tone of the Brushed Rose Gold is also a statement look and is well suited to a grey, neutral colour palette. When combined with Matte Black, these two finishes create a modern look that suits minimalist interior designs.

Each bathroom mixer in the Toi collection features a twist dial handle which uses a high quality, German made Progressive Cartridge. The compact design of this cartridge has made it possible to design Toi with a slim aesthetic, giving it a minimalist, designer appeal. When turning the dial the Progressive Cartridge opens the flow of cold water and, as you continue turning, the cartridge activates the mixing process by adding hot water until, at maximum turn, only hot water is flowing. To shut off the flow of water simply turn the twist dial back to its original position.

Toi’s handle also features a two click indicator system which can be felt by the user as they twist the mixer dial. The first click in the system indicates when the hot water starts mixing with the cold and the second click signals when the water flow has an equal hot/cold mix.

The international design community has recently recognised these technical features and Toi’s unique design with a 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD.

We are proud of our design team and their talent in crafting a collection which so perfectly blends upscale form and optimum function. Individual, stylish and audacious, the Toi collection blurs the line between industry and art.

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