Launch of the XYLO range


AVENIR, inspired bathroomware, recently launched the XYLO range of premium bathroom accessories

This stylish new range features a bold and robust design manufactured from mirror polished chrome-plated brass with custom finishes available on request.

A unique feature of the XYLO range is its single towel rails, available in heated and non-heated versions. The heated version features an ultra-safe 12V connection, which allows it to be installed in wet areas. The complete heating process of the rails takes between 5 to 30 minutes and will only reach their optimal temperature when covered by a towel, saving up to 25% of energy usage.

The heated rails are typically installed as a set of 3, 4 or 5 to form an elegant alternative to heated towel ladders.  As a result, bathrooms can be fitted with one unique range in which all accessories, both heated and non-heated are identical in style and finish.

A carefully engineered in-wall kit and MDF drilling fixture are provided to simplify the installation process and to ensure that the heated rails are uniformly positioned.  The installation kit includes a diamond drill bit to effortlessly and accurately drill holes through even the toughest of vitrified tiles.  In addition, all products ship with high quality Hilti® wall plugs and stainless steel screws for a secure and enduring installation (epoxy glue supplied for the accessories range only).

The electrical connection can be made on either side of the rails, and each rail has its own replaceable heating element. To have the rails heated between 4-8 hours per day, Avenir recommends that all heated products be installed with a timer to conserve electricity.

These timers are available through your local electrical outlet.

All products in the XYLO accessory range come standard with a unique Double Fixing System for tiled or masonry walls.  Three optional fixing systems are also available.  This includes solutions for glass, plasterboard and screw-less glue only option.

All XYLO products are manufactured in Australia and include a 10 year warranty.

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