How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style


While it may seem like an insignificant detail, the rangehood you use to vent a kitchen can command a substantial amount of the overall kitchen aesthetics

A rangehood can frame or block views. It can determine the cabinetry layout, and it can influence the character of the space. A carefully considered rangehood can look masterful, and thus ignoring this detail can threaten the overall design success of your kitchen design. With the array of options available in the market for you to choose from, it can get very confusing, and there are many factors to consider when selecting your new rangehood. Style, performance, noise and lighting all play a crucial part in your decision. We’ve organised the various rangehood options into the categories that drive design decisions; namely whether the hood vents to the ceiling, walls, cabinetry or even the floor.

Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

Are you planning a lavish cooking island bench? Then the ultimate appliance for your kitchen should be a ceiling cassette rangehood. These extraction systems include a host of hoods that get installed into a bulkhead or the ceiling. Stylish, sleek and sophisticated, ceiling rangehood cassettes sit over an island or peninsula style kitchen benches.

Ceiling cassettes usually feature LED down-lights. These illuminate the cooking area and add contemporary glamour and design highlights at the centre of your kitchen.

Wallmount Rangehoods

How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

Turn your cooking area into an eye-catching and stunning focal point of your kitchen with a Wallmount rangehood positioned against a wall and over your cooktop. A highly functional solution as the back wall and surrounding cabinets help direct the steam and aromas directly into the hood. Wall canopies are known for their excellent performance.

Island Rangehoods

How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

An Island rangehood setup is a necessity if your kitchen has an island cooking area. Recent design trends see island bench as a popular choice for the location of stovetops. No longer standing with their backs to guests, Island benches mean the cook can be actively involved in conversation gathered around the stylish central fixture. Adding an oversized hood (compared to the cooktop below) can be effective in containing steam and aromas, because size needs to compensate for the lack of a wall.

Undermount Rangehoods

How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

Installed into a cupboard above your cooktop, Underhood rangehoods are the best way to hide away your rangehood while still having optimal performance. Slide-out range hoods can be a cost-effective alternative and are often available with an onboard motor where ducting to the exterior of the house isn’t possible (such as in an apartment).


The rise of open plan living areas means that we now have specific requirements and needs when it comes to our kitchen and its appliances. A modern kitchen should be practical but not invasive. Stylish, yet at the same time discreet. A modern kitchen then needs to combine aesthetics, functionality and subtlety all in one. Schweigen is the leader in silent extraction technology and in designing Australia’s most efficient silent rangehoods they have built a reputation in the market by providing innovative, stylish and premium rangehoods for the contemporary Australian market. Removing the motor and placing it externally outside your home is where Schweigen’s revolutionary silent rangehood technology starts.


How to choose a rangehood to suit your kitchen style

When selecting your rangehood, don’t overlook the inbuilt lights. After all, being able to see what you’re doing is essential! Almost all Schweigen rangehoods come with LED lighting to ensure you always cook your meals to perfection. LED (light emitting diode) lighting is very energy efficient. In contrast to the average lifespan your average incandescent lightbulb, LED lighting is guaranteed to last 50 times longer.

With all this information at your disposal, you are now ready to purchase your ideal rangehood. Visit one of Schweigen’s showrooms around Australia today and experience the “Schweigen” difference.

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