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Upgrade your family’s hygiene with American Standard


The SpaLet E-Bidet from American Standard puts your health and safety at the forefront by offering the utmost in cleanliness — simply press a button and let the SpaLet do all the work.

The SpaLet E-Bidet boasts many benefits. The bidet seat helps you reach unparalleled levels of cleanliness. It reduces the need for excess toilet paper, helping the environment. Additionally, the unit has separate zones dedicated to posterior and feminine cleaning. It also features smart self-cleaning nozzles, an auto-deodoriser and an antibacterial coating, ensuring your bidet is sanitary every time you use it.

However it’s not just superior sanitation that makes this product such a market leader. American Standard’s SpaLet E-Bidet allows you to personalise your experience when it comes to spray strength, nozzle position, and seat, water and dryer temperature. There’s even a massage function for the ultimate in comfort, paired with the ultimate in personal cleanliness.

It is also easy to install. The bidet seat is designed to fit on the rim of most toilet seats — you won’t need to purchase a new toilet to add this enhancement.

Of course, all this clever design is bought to you by American Standard, part of LIXIL, a brand dedicated to making better homes for everyone, everywhere.

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