Nailed It (Paslode & James Hardie)

This week in The Journey Home Series, O’Shea & Sons are shining a light on the brilliant collaboration between Paslode Australia and James Hardie.

These two power-houses have come together to help builders across Australia create a better, more precise and easier experience on the job – aligning tools and supplies for the best result for these superior products! 



This episode is one for the Carpenters! Today, Nick chats with Lowana Clark from JH and Tony Ryan from Paslode about their brilliant collaboration that’s ensured better and easier builds for us. Ryan and the Paslode team have been working closely with James Hardie creating a Guide for Builders to align their products and tools to match the James Hardie Products – this means you’re getting the optimum use of the excellent James Hardie Product every time!

It’s cross-brand collaboration in our industry like this that makes us giddy over here and so so proud to be part of the unique and passionate Queensland Building Community. So glad to be able to shine a light on this brilliant team up.

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