6 Leading Home Trends in 2024


Whether you are building a new home, or planning to renovate? We have pieced together the six home building trends that will take us into 2024. Have you considered some of these yet?

1. Sustainability

We might be sounding like a broken record here, but sustainability through energy efficiency, & renewable energy is driving how we build and design homes.

The top three considerations here are:

  • Energy efficient appliances, HVAC systems, windows, insulation and lighting
  • Solar panels and other renewable energy sources
  • Eco friendly building materials and finishes

So, how can you incorporate Sustainability into your own home? Pick the home
appliances that are energy efficient – such as ceiling fans with brushless DC motors, or
appliances that adjust their output based on temperature and/or motion in the space to
optimize their energy use.

2. Smart Home Technology

‘Hey Alexa’ and ‘Hey google’ were just the beginning. More home tech trends we see occurring in 2024 are:

  • Automated climate and lighting systems. Did somebody say temperature sensing?
  • App-controlled appliances.
  • Integrated home operating systems

Advanced lighting systems come in the form of more dimmable settings and whether lights can be scheduled or controlled through voice activation. What takes lighting to the next level though is the ability to adjust color temperature for optimal mood lighting or productivity in a space. The Haiku LED light has 16 dimmable settings ranging from cool to warm to finely tune your comfort preferences.

3. Wellness and Well-being

The rise of biophilic design and spaces for self care are now creating homes that are designed to support health, wellness and quality of life through nature and clean air. Homes now include:

  • Indoor air quality optimisation through filtration and ventilation
  • Exposure to natural light, greenery and outdoor views
  • Spaces for meditation, yoga, exercise and hobbies

But let’s start at the basics (and the easiest!) to implement in your own home. Biophilic Design in the built environment is an expression of the relationship between nature, humans and buildings. It requires a sensory approach to design that considers what the place looks, smells and feels like over time, fostering a connection to nature. Including green walls, natural material, and enhancing the outdoor connection will increase your wellbeing and feelings of peace and calmness inside the home.

Wellness and Well-being

4. Indoor/Outdoor Living

Here at Big Ass Fans we are BIG believers in seamlessly integrating your indoor and outdoor spaces for the extra connection to the outdoors. To achieve this, we recommend:

  • Large windows and glass doors to maximize light
  • Outdoor living rooms, kitchens and dining spaces.
  • And of course, airflow through the use of ceiling fans.

It’s as simple as that, and if you love to entertain in the summer, this is a design must!

5. Flexible Living Spaces

We are already seeing architects, like CplusC Architectural Workshop create adaptable, multipurpose spaces to accommodate different needs over time. These include:

  • Open floor plans with moveable room dividers
  • Large multipurpose rooms vs fixed-use rooms
  • Modular furniture and extendable tables

6. Unique and personalised designs

Move over cookie-cutter homes. Homes are now tailored to suit style from the beginning. We are seeing this more and more as the standard blocks of houses can now be customized with additions of arches and use of materials in the facade alone.

Personalisation of homes also includes:

  • Custom floor plans suited to needs and lifestyles
  • Personal colour palettes, materials, and finishes
  • Unique built-ins and architectural details
  • Features reflecting cultural heritage and personal history.

One of our favourite ways to personalise a home is by adding a little corner of your unique hobby or speciality. For example a music space, mini art gallery, hobby collection space filled with colours and details specific to your style.

This small selection of building trends is a surefire bet to set your house apart while creating a home truly unique to you. The best bit, most of these trends can be inexpensive decisions for long-lasting homes.

Need some design inspiration to get you started? Discover Big Ass Fans Haiku Living for over 80+ pages of design featuring their Haiku ceiling fan.

Photography by Andy Macpherson Studios, Architecture by Shaun Lockyer & Builder Black Developments

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