Advanced heating technology: Vornado's Whole Room Heater

Advanced heating technology: Vornado’s Whole Room Heater


Warm your home, not the earth, with the Vornado TVH500 Whole Room Heater

Having been experts in the business of air circulation and ventilation for the past five decades, Vornado’s unique set of air heating technological advancements is backed by advanced research in the physics of airflow. Most reputable and significant in their research, was the evolution of their signature Vortex Technology, which has been strategically engineered into each of Vornado’s home appliances, including the TVH500 Whole Room Heater.

Vornado’s signature Vortex Technology ensures the efficient circulation and movement of air to disburse the warmth around the room in less time than a traditional heater, thus consuming less energy, and keeping costs down. The “Vortex” action creates a powerful stream of air that flows fast, warm and constant in a twisting spiral pattern, using the walls and ceiling to circulate and re-circulate the air which flows continuously throughout the room.

The result is that you feel the difference no matter where you are in the room without the need of oscillation. Vornado believes comfort should be constant. With circulation you receive consistent, well-distributed air.

By comparison, traditional space heaters warm only the space directly in front, leaving the rest of the room cold. Consumers are therefore running their space heaters at higher settings and for longer periods of time to achieve an ambient room temperature. Space heaters are therefore detrimental to the environment as they consume vast amounts of energy and cost consumers hundreds in electricity bills.

Not only does the TVH500 protect the environment, it also protects your family with Vornado’s Multi-Level Safety Protection features. Externally this includes the tightly spun metal grill, which blocks curious fingers and nosy pet tails as well as remaining cool to touch even after hours of operation. Internal safety protection includes an automatic ‘shut-off’ feature which is initiated if the unit is tipped over or obstructed.

The Vornado Whole Room Heater features a remote control and a digital LCD screen to display current and set temperature. The TVH500 model also boasts an easy-to-set timer. This allows you to run the unit for a predetermined period of time before it shuts off automatically – keeping you from wasting energy and money by accidentally leaving the heater on.

Vornado’s TVH500 Whole Room Heater – the ideal combination of style, durability, safety and performance.

All this while being backed by Vornado’s 5-year replacement warranty guarantee for added peace of mind.

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