Luminous lights from Ochre

Luminous lights from Ochre
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UK-based design company Ochre’s lighting collection is the embodiment of contemporary glamour with its harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and incomparable craftsmanship.


Lighting is often the most neglected feature of a room, but some lights are so beautiful, they’re more like pieces of art than mere fixtures. The last few years, in particular, have seen more and more interior designers and architects seeking original lighting options that go beyond being purely functional to become the main aesthetic focal point for a room. And with sophisticated lighting at the core of its collections, it’s no surprise that UK-based company Ochre is receiving widespread recognition for its ability to produce unique and individual designs.

Established in the mid 1990s by two friends, Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, who met at art school, Ochre is based on the idea of using high quality materials and craftsmanship to create objects of style and beauty that are both timeless and contemporary. Bibby and Maxwell Macdonald were joined by a third partner, Solenne de la Fouchardiere, in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the trio would receive the commission that would change the course of their company.

French designer, Andrée Putman gave Ochre the task of designing a contemporary chandelier to feature in a classic, 18th century private residence. At over 16 metres in length, Light Drizzle chandelier was a revelation. Since then, Ochre has worked with interior designers and architects across the globe, including David Rockwell, Kelly Hoppen, James Rixner, Alison Spear and Candy & Candy.

As Ochre’s range of lighting continues to expand with materials that run the gamut from glass, horn, chain mail and metals to coconut shells, four recurring themes have emerged, including proportion, texture, contrast and finish, creating a distinct style that only seems to improve with every piece. The Seed Cloud Installation (below, right) which consists of 114 solid cast-bronze stems that hang in clusters from the ceiling, is particularly eye-catching. At the end of each stem is a glass bud with an LED bulb inside. Absolutely stunning. 

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