Art’s transformative impact on space


Art Lovers Australia discusses integrating art into your home.

One of the most accessible and practical ways to transform a living space is via the inclusion of art.  The sheer presence of art can help modernise, rejuvenate or simply improve the space we occupy. When considering an art purchase there are a few key factors worth deliberating on.

Most  agree that art can do pretty powerful things to our emotional condition. Before adding art to a living space, be clear about the mood and atmosphere  you want to create.  Select pieces whose  subjects and compositions most closely reflect or elevate this feeling.

A major consideration will be is the utilisation of colour. When making decisions about which art to introduce, study the colour themes and configurations currently in the room and make decisions accordingly. The colours present in the art can greatly compliment or offset existing interiors and make significant alterations to the room’s temperature. Furthermore, the colours that exist in a space can have a noticeable effect on one’s psychological state. Art Lovers Australia offers a simple online colour psychology guide that can help assist in the planning of these modifications.

Incorporating art into frequently accessed areas can create a stimulating focal point and inspire thought-provoking conversation.  Abstract art can make for a wonderful selection here, due to its open, interpretative nature.

Above all else, ensure the artistic choices you invite into your dwelling remain true to, and ultimately reflect upon, your personality. It’s important that the art you chose does not evaporate your comfortable living conditions and should enhance your living experience in the space.

If you’re looking for affordable, original art in a variety of styles, colours and sizes then visit Art Lovers Australia’s online gallery for the perfect design solution.

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