bespoke window furnishings

Bespoke Window furnishings are the icing on the cake


Decorating your home, whether it’s after a full renovation or a seasonal update, is both fun and inspiring.

There are so many things to take into consideration, from paint and finishes through to furniture and styling décor. Soft furnishings definitely play a major role in any interior palette, but sometimes we mistakenly think that window furnishings are purely functional, as opposed to something incredible that is akin to the glorious icing on a decadent cake.

Decorative Window Furnishings

Window furnishings, whether blinds, curtains or shutters, should absolutely be functional. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be inexplicably beautiful. Even if your interior palette is minimalistic or neutral, you can incorporate great depth into the space with the type of fabric you select. Look at the textures, consider the lining, and play with layering different types of window furnishings to build upon your already impressive interior.

Your window furnishings can be the understated beauty in the background, shining with their tactile magnificence, or they might be the show-stopping hero that takes centre stage the way a beautiful piece of art might. Whether you select iconic designer prints from the likes of Clarissa Hulse, Emma Bridgewater and William Morris, or the impressive in-house designs, you have over 2000 products to explore on the Tuiss Blinds Online website. Bespoke, made-to-measure, and entirely DIY, these are window furnishings unlike what you’ve seen before.

Tuiss Blinds Window Furnishings

More consideration is being given to how window furnishings enhance your space, from the look and feel, to the thermal properties. And more so than ever before, these things go effortlessly hand-in-hand. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for bespoke window furnishings:


Texture through soft furnishings adds another layer to your interior. Tuiss offer up to 10 free fabric samples on the website so you can have a look and feel of different fabrics before deciding on your favourite. From the delicate slubs of the faux silk, to the woven linens and gauzy voiles, even if you’re looking for a plain white curtain or blind, you still have so many options for how that will look.

Kitchen Curtains


Prints and patterned blinds run the gamut from incredibly subtle through to bold and beautiful designs. Look for patterns that complement your style, and order some fabric samples that might be a bit bolder than you initially imagined. You might be surprised which ones you end up loving. And that’s the key here, you want a fabric that you fall in love with. After all, it’s something that you get to live with and look at every day, so it should definitely bring a smile to your face.

Home Curtains


When looking at the fabrics, see if you can incorporate colours that will help to tie your entire scheme together. This might be something subtle, like the colour of a leaf in a floral design that matches a fleck in your carpet or tiles. Alternatively, if you’re looking to go bold, you might opt for a contrasting colour that increases the vibrancy of your room and brings everything to life. Again, this is where ordering a range of different fabric samples can let you play with various combinations to see what works best.

Functionality of Window Furnishings


This is where we look at how you use the particular room. Do you need a combination of daytime privacy and complete light control at night? Are you looking for ways to impact your energy bills? Different types of window furnishings can give you different benefits, so once you work out what you need, you can find the perfect style of product for you. Your ideal solution might be a combination of a few different types of window furnishings. For example, shutters or honeycomb blinds combined with sheer curtains. Or light filtering roman blinds paired with blockout floor to ceiling s-fold curtains. The combinations and possibilities become endless and both the look and feel of your room can be transformed simply by your choice of window furnishings.


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