Starting from scratch: a Black Rock townhouse makeover

Starting from scratch: a Black Rock townhouse makeover


This stylish makeover provided a new start for a Black Rock townhouse, and you won’t believe how it turned out!

The waterside suburb of Black Rock, Melbourne, offers a peaceful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. Emerging triumphant from one of the challenges life tends to throw our way, the client wanted a fresh start and sought the expertise of interior designer Danielle Scandrett to bring her vision to life.

The client shares the Black Rock townhouse with her daughter, and all parties agreed to a brief that revolved around creating a classic but contemporary atmosphere that was warm and inviting. “The owner was leaving a large Victorian-style home oozing with ornate features, large spaces and high ceilings,” recalls Danielle. “She wanted the new property to incorporate and display some of her favourite accessories and artworks.”

Doors, downlights, mouldings, skirts, cabinetry, joinery and carpets were replaced and timber floors were re-stained. The existing rooms were gutted, reconfigured and redesigned to fall in line with the new aesthetic of the home.

With most projects, there are a few hurdles when creating a new space and this renovation was no exception. As the townhouse shares a driveway and a common wall, Danielle had to be mindful and considerate of the neighbours during the renovation. Another challenge was addressing the existing staircase that featured a stainless-steel balustrade. “The brief was to create an elegant and feminine environment, so we had to decide how to handle the staircase, which ran from the basement theatre room and up three levels to the rooftop deck,” says Danielle. “We decided to replace the existing balustrade with a timber classic profile and placed frosted film on the glass panels.”

Inspired by the beachside location of the Black Rock townhouse project, the interior palette was influenced by the Hamptons, which worked seamlessly with the client’s art pieces and existing furniture collection. “The seaside location provided the inspiration for a sophisticated interior, allowing us to bring a more relaxed, elegant feel to the home,” says Danielle. “Our palette was generally based around warm greys, charcoals and fresh whites. The neutral base invited the introduction of rusts, shades of blue and mauves.” Along with a subtle colour palette, the selected materials ranged from grasscloth wallpapers through to hand-woven rugs, porcelain tiles, along with Neolith and Caesarstone benchtops.

Struggling to pick a favourite part of the renovation, Danielle can’t go past the entrance and new front doors. “I love the drama of the entrance and am really excited about the new doors,” she says. “They welcome light into an otherwise dark entrance and also introduce some pattern and interest to the space. I also love the downstairs living room as it functions as an alternate area where the client’s daughter can relax with friends.”

The master suite, which was completely gutted and redesigned to meet the client’s needs, is another highlight of the project. It incorporates a touch of glamour through the metallic accessories and glass pendant light, and offers a peaceful retreat that is full of lashings of colour, texture and mood.

Now happily ensconced in her new home, the client couldn’t wait to make the move and settle into the new abode. The project came full circle in the best way and was a positive experience for all involved. “Both my client and I had independently shared some recent life challenges, and the project was based on new beginnings for us both,” says Danielle. “The design, build and decoration process were cathartic experiences that brought us continual joy and laughter among some difficult times.”

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Written by Annabelle Cloros

Photography by Stu Morley

Originally in Home Design Magazine Volume 20 Issue 5