Bolection marble fireplace: a marriage made in heaven

Bolection marble fireplace: a marriage made in heaven


The combination of light travertine Bolection marble and the Vienna cast iron fireplace is truly a marriage made in heaven

The stunning simplicity of the bolection mantle sitting on a sandstone chimney with the unique cast iron Vienna fire place evokes a French inspired country feel. This is one of the many beautiful hand carved marble fire places on display at Schots Home Emporium. The solid cast iron Vienna fireplace can be a slow burning convection fire with the glass door closed or the door can be raised vertically to disappear behind the stone chimney to reveal a complete open fire.

Another option is to showcase the cast iron Vienna fully naked to create an industrial look featuring the bones of the fireplace which is becoming more popular with clients who want a minimalist feel and look.

About the French Bolection marble mantlepiece

This Classic style travertine mantle is simple in design yet makes a bold statement, it is a timeless piece featuring a simple bolection moulding. Each piece has an authentic aged hone finish.

About the Vienna high cast iron heater

The Vienna cast iron heater has a classic look is very popular amongst traditional and contemporary homes. The Vienna also features a unique dual opening glass door. It can be installed as free standing for an industrial look, or built into a chimney. The superior thickness and the glass doors of the firebox gives it an added advantage of slow combustion, and retain heat for longer periods.
(Complies to AS/NZS 4013:2014 and AS/NZS 4012:2014, requires a fully qualified plumber to install)

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