Boxspan® from Spantec Systems Makes Light Work of Floor Framing

Boxspan® from Spantec Systems Makes Light Work of Floor Framing


renovation ideasBoxspan® steel floor frames are proving popular with owner-builders because of their easy installation

Boxspan® steel floor framing provides a high-quality sub-floor system that is lightweight and quick to install. The floor frames are designed and manufactured by Spantec Systems, ready to assemble.

Because the beams are made from high-tensile steel, Boxspan® frames are very light and safe to handle on site. This makes them particularly attractive to the owner-builder. In some applications, the floor can be completed in a day without the need for a tradesperson.

Spantec designs the floor to suit the site, providing optimal pier placement and reducing the number of piers, which also saves money. Each flooring system comes with detailed drawings and a pier plan for ground floors.

Boxspan® framing is also ideal for home extensions and improvements such as decks. Steel’s resistance to termites and fire makes it the perfect material for external applications and where beams are close to the ground. Its moisture-resistance adds another important advantage.

Because Boxspan® beams won’t shrink, twist or rot, there are no problems with squeaky floors, cracked cornices, or doors and windows that stick. There is little wastage because the floor frames are delivered cut to length, with no off-cuts filling up waste bins.

Working with Boxspan® floor framing is simple. The only tool required is a screw gun — Spantec supplies all the brackets and screws needed to complete the job. They also supply the Spantec Ezi-Pier™ steel pier system, which is adjustable for quick levelling of floors on sloping sites.

Boxspan® floor framing is backed by professional advice from Spantec Systems. They can estimate and design the most cost-effective floor framing system for your project.

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