DIY Floor Heating: Why it’s worth the investment

Whether you’re working with a builder or undertaking a new home project yourself, it might be time to consider a DIY Floor Heating solution to stay warm and save energy at the same time

DIY Floor Heating: Why it's worth the investment

Leading provider of in-floor heating Comfort Heat has introduced a range of DIY Floor Heating available to tradespeople as well as to owner-builders. These allow you to install a system that will heat your home in the highest quality way.

The future of heating

In-floor heating is considered by many to be the future of heating due to its ability to generate a great deal of warmth while maintaining energy efficency. As a result, it has rapidly grown in popularity among many new home builds and is worth including as a feature in any new home build or major renovation.

Easier than you think!

Comfort Heat’s DIY kits come with detailed installation guides, step-by-step instructions and a start to finish cable design layout displaying the cable layout plan. On top of this, all kits also include service through Comfort Heat’s technical support line (1300 13WARM).

DIY Floor Heating options:

Comfort Heat offers two ranges of DIY Floor Heating:

  • DIY Electric Underfloor Heating
  • DIY Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

The DIY Electric Floor Heating kit includes all equipment including heating cables/mats, electronic wall thermostat with floor sensor, retaining mesh, clips and cable ties, design layout and wiring diagrams. A high level of support is also offered to tradespeople and consumers through handy instructions and the availability of phone support. The final connection and the electrical connections during the building phase must be completed and signed off by a qualified electrician for this type of floor heating.

The DIY Hydronic Floor Radiant Floor Heating kit includes all specific components except standard plumbing materials; You’ll have to purchase your own lagging, saddles and copper. The benefit of hydronic heating is that it is available with a range of heat sources and Comfort Heat can custom design them to suit any individual needs. All kits also include a full design manual, installation guide, custom schematics and phone support.

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