Finding the Perfect Heating Solution

Finding the perfect heating solution for your home can quite often be an overwhelming task. From gas to wood and even electric options, it can be difficult to come up with the best choice for your needs.

Abbey Fireplaces takes great pride in identifying its customers’ priorities. With a wide range of brands and models on display at the company’s showrooms, customers can get first-hand insight into the various products and operations. Staff are highly trained to recommend the best fit for your individual requirements, creating the perfect union between customer needs and an informative solution-driven approach. The team can even recommend quality installers to complete your project.

When looking at a gas fireplace, there are many considerations which Abbey Fireplaces can guide you through, including external influences that may affect compliance. It is also important to consider heating capacity so you choose a model that will easily warm up its delegated space.

Often customers want to place a TV or artwork above the fireplace, however, that’s sometimes not possible, so this is another important factor to consider. Abbey Fireplaces can also guide you through the varying style options, from the shape of the heater to the number of sides it has, and even down to the look of the logs. Its available brands include Escea, Regency, Lopi, DaVinci, Ortal and Kalfire.

If a wood fireplace is what you’re after, Abbey Fireplaces can guide you through the several styles available, from ambient open fires to more efficient slow-combustion wood fires that can burn for much longer periods and produce more heat with less fuel. All wood heaters are available as freestanding or inbuilt and come in many styles — traditional and modern. Brands include Regency, Lopi, Eureka, Heatmaster and more. There is also the option of an electric fireplace designed to be mounted or inbuilt into the wall.

These are ideal when it comes to visuals and include various style choices such as logs, coals, stones and crystals. Most also come equipped with lighting systems that can be changed to suit your mood. Brands available at Abbey Fireplaces include Ambe, Gazco and Modern Flames.

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