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Many various heating solutions exist, although not all of them are as sustainable or as efficient as others.

Historically, electric heating solutions have been considered wasteful and expensive, yet with the significant uptake in solar panels and green energy electric heating is becoming a common choice.

As oil and gas prices spike, electric heating costs have remained relatively stable – allowing households to continue heating their homes during cold snaps like Australia is currently experiencing.

Abbey Fireplaces large Range

At Abbey Fireplaces, they stock a large range of electric fireplaces which will keep you warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.  At Abbey Fireplaces, they specialise in the most modern, efficient and reliable electric fireplaces and spirit fires as well as comprehensive outdoor heating and pizza oven range.

Come to one of Abbey’s showrooms to check out the difference in flame effect and media options so you can decide which one is best for you.

Modern Flames Range

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