Have the Smartest Home Possible


The evolution of technology has allowed for many advancements, especially in the home.

It is now easier than ever to maximise the functionality of our homes thanks to suppliers such as MyHomeware, which leads the way in the distribution of smart home automation products.

Unlike many other products on the market that require a wired connection for installation, MyHomeware’s smart home solutions offer a wireless connection. This assures easier installation at a lower cost due to the reduced volume of work needed for the initial set-up.

The intention of smart home automation is to make your life easier and, with products ranging from lighting and air conditioning accross to curtains and blinds, controlling these functions of your home has never been so efficient. Most importantly, these products perform extremely well across all ranges due to their tech-based nature in comparison to some competitors who may only excel in the one field.

These smart home solutions enhance their versatility due to their capacity to add more products in the future.

MyHomeware’s range of smart home products is easily controlled via its app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for iPhone. Switching lights on and off can be done from the comfort of your own couch and closing the curtains as you prepare for bed is made readily available at the push of a button. MyHomeware can even customise products to perfectly suit your specific needs.

Featuring a big control pad, friendly UI design and an efficient interactive AI voice assistant, it is no surprise these smart home solutions are an International Design Awards Grand Slam winner! If you’re looking for a new, humanised smart home experience that values reliable quality at an affordable cost, these products are the right fit for you.