Secret Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen


Nobby Kitchens worked on this project to create a seamless kitchen space with a very big point of difference — a hidden pantry!

The key feature of this kitchen is the sliding pantry door, which, when closed, looks to be a continuation of the wall. This clever design means the homeowners are able to store and prepare all their meals from within this pantry, ensuring easy clean-up and a minimalist-look storage solution that actually adds to the modern design of the home.

Not only does this pantry look wonderful, it is also incredibly functional thanks to its ample storage capacity.

Mildura Classic White Gloss cabinets and Woodmatt Angora Oak panels pair beautifully in this space to cultivate a warm kitchen environment, elevated by the use of woven decor and furnishings.

A good extraction fan was one of the main design considerations, so a canopy hood was used. No doubt the homeowners will enjoy many family conversations as they lovingly prepare their home-cooked meals in this modern space.

Designer Michael Pignataro for Nobby Kitchens
Nobby Kitchens