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Haymes Paint unveils new colour palettes


Haymes Paint has unveiled Volume 8 of The Colour Library, which consists of three gorgeous palettes

Haymes Paint launched the The Colour Library earlier this year, a collection of colour palette volumes which are designed to be flexible and adaptable, to accommodate for the fast-paced environment we live in. The Complete Home team recently received the opportunity to spend some time with Wendy Rennie, Colour & Concept Manager at Haymes Paint, as she unveiled Volume 8 of the library, which consists of three colour themes – Stark Beauty, Strata and Pitch Dark. Each theme consists of a palette of nine colours, with four core colours showcased for each colour story.

Stark Beauty

Stark Beauty 1

This palette blends together a soft minimalism with an almost Japanese aesthetic and sensibility; the simple yet sophisticated pairing of subtle whites and bold leafy greens encourages the unifying of a space through the blurring of lines between the inside and out.

Stark Beauty 4 Stark beauty 3 Stark Beauty 2


Strata 2

This palette mimics the diverse colours found in the layers of the earth; ruddy tans and browns, paired with lush greens, a hint of sea blue and neutral colours. The introduction of such colours to an interior adds a sense of realness and humbleness to the space, while bringing the colours of the landscape to life.

Strata 3 Strata 4 Strata 9

Pitch Dark

Pitch Dark 2

This palette is unapologetic in challenging the stereotypical perception of dark spaces. It plays on the idea of a relaxing, meditative and exploratory dark space through the use of strong colours such as blacks and dark charcoals, combined with rich reds, moody nudes and a deep blue.

Pitch Dark 1 Pitch Dark 3 Pitch Dark 9


Wendy explained the inspiration behind Volume 8, Colour Forecast. “Volume 8 covers the diverse collection of colour and design directions we see influencing the market globally. We’ve presented this volume in three distinct colour stories that we believe will work well across interiors, particularly in Australia.

“There is no one size fits all approach and often it’s the blend of external factors like culture, arts, politics and commerce that influence our trends and colour palettes,” Wendy said.

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