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Heart of the home: gas log heaters


Gas log heaters prove more versatile than you may think

Cannon’s collection of gas log heaters enhance the heart of any interior with designer good looks, excellent energy efficiency and the comfort and warmth we all crave in the cold. From the company of a good book to gatherings with family or friends, the romance and cosy atmosphere created transcends interior trends.

With a Cannon gas log heater at the heart of a room, interiors are transformed into welcoming environments for relaxation and wellbeing — that’s why an increasing number of leading interior designers are choosing Cannon gas log heaters as essential fixtures for their clients’ interior environments.

Cannon gas log heaters are designed and manufactured in Geelong, Victoria, to suit local conditions and building styles. This makes them the ideal solution for contemporary and classic interiors. Their flexible flue system also ensures they meet almost all installation requirements.

The Cannon collection comprises two beautifully designed ranges: the elegantly curved Canterbury Classic and the streamlined Fitzroy Profile. Each range includes several options to ensure their popularity across a varied cross section of projects.

The Canterbury Classic range is available as either a freestanding or inbuilt unit. The freestanding model can be powered by either LP or natural gas and has a standard flue, black finish, double-glazed window and an enhanced flame effect.

The Canterbury Classic inbuilt range has four variations including a standard flue with a black finish powered by either LP or natural gas, or the Powerflue with a black finish also powered by either LP or natural gas.

The Fitzroy Profile is an inbuilt range with a double-glazed glass fascia as a standard inclusion and either a standard flue or Powerflue. There are four standard flue models that have a non-enhanced flame. They feature electronic controls, a choice of finish in black or platinum metallic and are powered by either LP or natural gas.

There are also four Powerflue models in the Fitzroy Profile range that have an enhanced flame and feature electronic controls, a choice of black or platinum metallic finish and the option of LP or natural gas.

Whether you are replacing a heating source in an existing home or incorporating one for the first time, Cannon gas log heaters are designed to fit almost every imaginable application. Proudly manufactured, distributed and supported by Sampford IXL in Australia, they are available from specialist appliance retailers nationwide.

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