Creating the Wow Factor in Your Home with Timber Mouldings


When it comes to delivering your vision for your home design, timber mouldings have become the hottest accessory for designers and homeowners looking to make some serious cost-effective impact in their renovation or new-build projects.

Intrim Mouldings’ big, bold and beautiful designs create some serious wow factor and, when complemented with wall panelling, create a design masterpiece.

The most common timber moulding in any project is the skirting boards or “skirts” as they have been referred to recently. They were once overlooked as a necessary functional piece of timber placed at the bottom of the wall to protect it from damage when you bang the vacuum into it. They also covered the gap between the wall and the floor, and were small and uninteresting.

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Bigger, stylish designs in skirting boards and architraves are now on the list for discerning homeowners wanting to create their dream home. For large, grand projects and tall ceilings, skirting boards range up to 285mm high and 135mm for architraves. A popular skirting architrave combo is 185mm skirts with 90mm architraves. There is a vast selection of profile designs available from Intrim Mouldings — the company features more than 1000 designs so you can truly make your own custom masterpiece. Too much choice can be daunting, so the Intrim team makes selection easy through the website where you can filter different styles and explore the gallery of images for inspiration — or even book a design consultation with your local team.

Timber mouldings create a bold yet beautiful feature as wall panelling. A hugely popular style is Wainscoting, which is a must-have design element for any Hamptons and French Provincial home. Wainscoting has also been making a big impact in modern and Art Deco homes in recent times due to the clean lines and symmetry of the designs. It all comes down to choosing the shape and size of the timber moulding that complements the style, as well as designing the layout and positioning of the panelling.

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Lining boards, wall battens and half rounds create vertical or horizontal wall panelling and are a popular choice in most home designs. Intrim Mouldings’ FJ Pine Lining boards provide a similar look to the VJ wall panelling, however, lining boards are a narrower board with a tongue and groove and clip together. Turn them on their side to get the shiplap look that is popular in coastal homes. Lining boards and wall battens also have decorative finishes such as the scalloped-shaped Intrim Cavetto Wall, ideal for a modern home. Another trending look is using wall battens and decorative timber mouldings such as concave and half rounds. These timber mouldings are also suitable for ceiling panelling and for decorative features on kitchens and bars. You can achieve endless different looks by simply painting your timber mouldings in the colour of your choice.

Intrim was founded in 1993 by the Quinsey family in Picton and has grown to become one of Australia’s leaders in finely crafted quality timber mouldings, skirting, architraves and handrails for residential homes and commercial buildings. Australian owned and operated, the company is committed to manufacturing locally, supporting the community through job creation and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Innovation, reducing environmental impact and helping customers make their interiors spectacular drives the team at Intrim. Take a look at projects using Intrim Mouldings on the website gallery and Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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