Home Inspired with Häfele

A new podcast talking all things Interior Design and how to start your home renovation

Häfele is excited to launch a brand new podcast called “Home Inspired with Hafele” on Spotify and wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

The first season starts off with Darren Palmer, one of Australia’s favourite Interior Designers and also brand ambassador of Häfele. In this first season, Darren Palmer shares all his expertise on Interior Design and will go through room after room each episode to explain common mistakes and must-dos when you renovate yourself!

The first episode was released on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 and since then, episodes dropped weekly.

In the first episode, Darren Palmer talks about his Interior Design journey and how the brand ambassadorship with Häfele came along. The brand partnered with Palmer in 2017 and since then have launched multiple campaigns together and collaborated on events.

Knowing Häfele’s hardware expertise and the focus on functionality, it’s no surprise that two episodes of the first season talk about kitchen design and how to add functionality to the modern kitchen. From cabinet storage to furniture lighting and future-proofing the kitchen, everything will be discussed with a special focus on how to come up with a brief. Once you give it a listen, you quickly find out how important the brief of a renovation is and how much can be achieved when you have a clear vision in mind.

Of course the podcast doesn’t talk only about kitchen design. Further topics include laundry and wardrobe design, tight spaces and small apartments, multigenerational living, renovating on a budget, and so much more!

Home Inspired with Hafele is a podcast meant to inspire and educate you, whether you an absolute newbie to the topic of renovating and Interior Design or whether you have some experience under your belt already!

Enough said, go and head over to give it a listen:

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