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With a bespoke range of cement creations, Studio Twocan is worlds away from the mass market

Over the years, sisters come to share a lot of things — toys, shoes, clothes, the family car and even friends. Yet something special binds them together, and for Maddie and Becc — the force behind Studio Twocan — it’s a life-long love of creativity.

Initially embarking on slightly different paths, their passion for design and creativity remained constant, keeping them close despite their differences. Organised and pragmatic, Becc pursued graphic design and went on to work for a number of prominent brand strategy, graphic design and retail design studios. Maddie, on the other

The artisan in us takes inspiration from experimenting and getting our hands dirty
hand, completed a Bachelor of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts. In fact, Studio Twocan’s popular Cement Ceramics collection is an extension of one of her final projects.

Inspiration for evolution can be a hard thing to come by, but for Maddie and Becc, it’s all about throwing caution to the wind. “The artisan in us takes inspiration from experimenting and getting our hands dirty,” says Maddie. The sister duo also muse on the raw beauty of their physical surrounds. “We wanted to emulate the Earth’s natural beauty, referencing aerial views and cross-sections of the Australian outback,” adds Becc. It’s a careful balance that has brought about the continued success of their iconic Cement Ceramics range.

Careful not to overcomplicate their designs, they keep the focus on select elements for a poignant effect. And as a medium for their message, cement is a fitting choice. “Cement is used for its raw and unpretentious honesty, contrasting dramatically with vibrant and tactile organic layering,” admits Maddie and Becc. Intense pigments colour the cement, and each piece is individually polished with natural oils for a beautiful, glossy finish.

Naturally, their most popular designs are the cement vessels. Available in a range of colours and sizes, these pieces best showcase the layering the sisters are able to achieve. However, it’s the incongruous nature of the vases that holds a special place in the hearts of Maddie and Becc, who adore the cement weightlessly floating above the glass base.

Maddie and Becc celebrate the imperfections in their process, a humble philosophy which ensures no two pieces are the same. Following such success, the sisters are looking to introduce several new pieces to their collection. There’s a lot on the horizon for Studio Twocan, and as you can imagine, it’s all very exciting.

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Written by Holly Cunneen
Photography by Emma Barrett

Originally from Home Design Magazine, Volume 18 Issue 5