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Hot-desking design wins the prize


Melbourne Polytechnic students together with Eussen have showcased innovative ideas on interior  trends

For the second year running students of the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration have competed to recreate the shop front space at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Prahran campus through the LiveStyling student competition. Last year it was apartments, but this year, the space will have a more practical use for students.

“Basically, we were given this project of creating a modern interior design office for students to work at. So, it’s going to be a ‘live’ office where students are going to do consultations,” says Sara Levitas who is the 2017 winner of LiveStyling.

“The brief basically was to make it as contemporary as possible, try to incorporate sustainable materials and I think there was a lot of free reign in terms of the creativity.”

As a shared office space for students, and even industry, it became apparent to Sara that the space would need to embrace a hot-desking set-up. For all its positives, hot-desking does present a lot of challenges, such as noise and solving those issues became a large part of her design.

She started with the idea that if you appreciate a place, you’ll feel comfortable working there.

Sara came into interior design with a passion, but without any experience and she found it hard to find a course that worked for her. She says the interior design teachers critiqued her work and gave her good advice she could actually work with: “It was a big revelation for me, this educational journey that I’ve had here.”

“I just want the space to be real for them and I know that in the home I create for my family, I want my kids to remember it as a happy, comfortable and warm home. And I think it makes a big difference when the space is catered to that.”

Congratulations Sara, we love what you’ve done with the place!

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