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Tranquil Delight
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This charming residence in sunny Queensland was designed to suit the homeowners’ style, and their desire for a warm interior was achieved by starting from the bottom! The elegant dark oak floors fitted by Wildwood Aged Timber Flooring laid the groundwork for this home to become an inviting retreat. The combination of rustic wide oak boards and Versailles oak panels creates an image of yesteryear, making the floors an integral component of the overall design.

The floors are all hand-stained to a darker walnut shade and coated with an environmentally friendly finish of Whittle Waxes “lustre” that leaves a natural and subtle sheen. The delicate lustre emphasises the grain and character of the timber, allowing for a plush yet relaxed and warm persona. The finishes on the walls and floors also integrate seamlessly with the existing furniture to bring each space together as one. Environmental considerations were highly prioritised in this project. The house has excellent air flow to provide total comfort in all seasons and reduce energy consumption.

Natural light floods the dwelling from the large windows peppered throughout. The quaint courtyard includes a remote-operated louvred roof to conveniently adapt to a range of weather conditions. The front façade boasts large glass doors that lead onto a spacious balcony — a clever balance of a beautiful view with the luxury of privacy. The nearby river is alive with gorgeous flora and fauna that add to the alluring panoramic views, visible from the home’s balcony. An internal courtyard, displaying three antique Turkish fountains fitted by Philippe Antelme, is a unique addition that brings the enjoyment of calm, running water wherever you are in the apartment. The courtyard also works with the natural light to illuminate the interiors and create a warm and inviting ambience. The project didn’t come without its challenges.

Everything was labour-intensive and precision was essential to ensure the Versailles panels were centred in each room. It took hard work to create shapes that amounted to a perfect outcome. The Wildwood craftsmen were also faced with the issue of combining the panels and boards to ensure the pattern flowed smoothly throughout the zones. Eighteen months after its completion, this home was hit by devastating floods that washed away most of its fixtures. Miraculously, and with the generous assistance of volunteer tradesmen, Mirvac and Wildwood’s skilled tradesmen, the home was restored to its previous condition. Its post-flood rebirth is a special feature of the home, promoting the idea of a “new beginning” for the project and reinstating the appreciation of great design. The owners wanted their home to look like it was “lived in” and warm. Wildwood Flooring was able to produce incredible designer floors which complemented the owners’ personal taste and lifestyle. The added touches of artistic wallpaper in the living room and a lively colour palette embodying hues of red, blue and yellow further helped the owners achieve their goals, and more. Now this is a place that exudes a European feel and a place they can call home.

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