How to get the Grand Design look for your home


As design trends change and smarter, more sustainable ways to build emerges, new inspiration is discovered at home.

When first starting out in your new home, you may still be figuring out your own style and some design elements chosen may not suit what you want your home to look and feel like. You may now be finding the need to make changes to suit a new style. But how can you make a difference by just subtle changes?

If you are ever wondering how the homes featured in Grand Designs always look so effortless, there is a method behind the design that won’t break the bank. 

Get the Grand Design Look

Simple changes, make all the difference. 

Without needing a huge budget, a simple solution in creating a clean, open space is by giving the home a fresh lick of paint, and updating blinds or curtains to a modern, sleek look. 

However, new design trends for the Grand Design Look focus on using sustainable or natural materials, like timber & concrete, and starting to consider how the outside environment can blend with the inside space to create a home which compliments its surroundings. 

The simplest way to achieve this is adding pieces to your home made from these natural materials, not just as a decor piece but part of the home. Made from sustainably harvested Moso Bamboo or Aircraft grade aluminum, The Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is featured in Grand Designs homes and can elevate any environment without being intrusive and obvious as a natural, durable material.

Get the Grand Design Look

Considering light and creating airflow can transform how a space feels. Utilizing airflow will create a fresh environment and seamless openness of a space. Adding brightness and greater light can be as simple as giving any glass windows or sliding doors a good clean to let light filter through. The concept of blending an outside space to inside space makes for a beautiful family home. 

If you have seen images of a Grand Designs home, you would notice there is no clutter or bulky items. This is because most of these homes keep to a minimal look, leaving out items, or hiding items in smart nooks and crannies to make the space feel more open and decluttered. 

Janice Williams of Grand Designs AU speaks to how design trends have changed throughout 2021:

“Every year Grand Designs Australia Magazine receives hundreds of submissions of recently completed projects from both Consumers and Architects. It is clear from this flow of images and stories that sustainability has emerged as a mega trend. It is really pleasing to see so many consumers wanting to own and tell the story of what they chose and why, even on smaller renovation projects. For a while sustainability was all about power and water, but now consumers are getting in to materials and noticing how they can make a difference.” –  Janice Williams

Get the Grand Design Look

Get the Grand Designs look for your home by considering natural & sustainable materials in the built environment, starting with blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

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