Smart Home Integration with Style

Your smart home integration begins with AirTouch and Zimi, the Australian home automation solution that adapts to your lifestyle.

With the latest update to integrate with Zimi, AirTouch offers smart control for almost anything, anywhere around your home with smart lighting, ceiling fan controllers, power points, garage doors and other multi-purpose switches.

AirTouch and Zimi fuse comfort and energy savings with smart home integration and style, making home automation an affordable luxury for everyone in every house. With AirTouch and Zimi, you can manage your entire dwelling by voice, your phone, or the Smart AirTouch console on your wall. Elevating your air conditioning to a new level of comfort and energy efficiency, AirTouch is a smart air conditioning controller designed to look great and keep the whole family comfortable. Control multiple ducted air conditioners, and up to 16 zones from the wall panel or your smartphone to stay informed about your home climate and control it from anywhere. With AirTouch’s app you can turn on your air conditioner from work so it is the perfect temperature when you get home, or check in and turn it off when you are out to avoid wasting electricity.

Now that’s convenient comfort!

AirTouch 4

The ultimate in smart home air conditioning control, with a beautiful eight-inch touch screen and smartphone app, AirTouch 4 offers the option to upgrade to ITC (Individual Temperature Control). Most air conditioning systems only monitor the air temperature with one sensor in one location. With ITC, AirTouch 4 can monitor temperatures throughout your home. So when the sun warms up one side of your house, AirTouch will respond with more conditioned air only to where it is needed, without wasting energy on rooms already comfortable. You can even set a different temperature for each room.


A key advantage of AirTouch with Zimi for smart home control is greater reliability with Zimi’s mesh network technology. Zimi components send and receive messages from each other. Each device plays a role, with more linked devices providing network reliability and a quicker response, improving the experience for you.

Zimi Cloud Connect Hub

The Zimi Cloud Connect Hub links AirTouch to your Zimi devices, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of home automation based on your lifestyle. It lets you take your home with you: connect to the internet from anywhere in the world to monitor and control your home’s lighting, appliances and
energy use.

Zimi Smart Light Switches

Adjust light levels and set timers from the Zimi wall switches, AirTouch console, your smartphone or voice commands. Multi-tap control lets you do more with your lights, such as a double tap of the switch for full brightness or triple tap for a timed fade that gently dims the light.

Smart Garage Door Control

The Powermesh Garage Controller with AirTouch integration makes your garage door smarter to use and easier to monitor. Control multiple garage doors from your AirTouch console on the wall or smartphone. Check whether the door has been left open while you’re away from home and close it, or open it up for a package delivery.

Zimi Smart Power Points

With AirTouch, you can now manage Zimi power points throughout your home using the wall console. On the Zimi smartphone app, you can measure the cost of your energy in real time, identify energy hotspots around the house and customise your settings to lower energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint.

Zimi Smart Multi-Purpose Switches

It is up to you how you control your home with the Zimi Multi Purpose Switches. Control devices hardwired and not plugged into the mains such as exhaust fans, garage lights or bathroom heat lamps. With unique Behaviour Link technology, you can set up an additional switch to control whatever device you choose, allowing you to turn it on or off from two separate locations.

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