Innovative solutions for your home heating and cooling


In Australia’s harsh climate, our homes need to act as an oasis against the extremes of heat and cold to help us live comfortably.

There are numerous tools at our disposal — insulation, double- or triple-glazing, building materials and orientation — but a key one is choosing the right heating and cooling solutions.

The climate in your particular area, the size of your home, the ceiling heights, and the amount of glazing and what type you’ve installed will all have an impact on the products you select. Equally important is the supplier you choose to work with.

Rinnai Australia is driven to create total home comfort for Australian households, no matter where you live, by providing a range of hot water, cooling, heating and renewable energy products. Rinnai’s dedication to continuous improvement and world-class quality, along with its focus on creating a sustainable future and its after-sales service, makes the company a standout.

By listening to the consumer voice and acting on demand, Rinnai has developed a range of products across all heating and cooling categories to meet the large diversity among Australian lifestyles, with many different options to suit consumers’ needs and budgets. With sustainability an important consideration, Rinnai is also committed to innovation.


One of Rinnai’s outstanding innovations is the Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 Geothermal System, which harnesses the abundant free renewable energy right under your feet. With the ground absorbing approximately half of the sun’s energy that reaches the earth and storing it at a steady temperature at specific depths, Rinnai’s innovative system harnesses this free renewable energy source to reliably deliver highly efficient energy boosting to your home’s heating and cooling needs. In addition to heating and cooling, the Geoflo Hybrid 22 technology diverts surplus energy to the generation of essentially free hot water for your home.

These are just some of the innovations that firmly define Rinnai’s ambitions and commitment to providing commercial and domestic appliances that support the requirements of a changing energy future, as well as delivering the trusted reliability and performance the market expects from the Rinnai brand.

For more information about Rinnai’s extensive range of products, visit its website, where you can also find a Rinnai stockist near you, book a service or find out which Rinnai product is best for your location. Choosing a trusted supplier for your home heating and cooling makes all the difference.

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