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If you’ve lived in share houses or rentals at any point, or perhaps it’s an older home that you purchased, you’ve probably had the experience of hot water running out, more than likely during your shower.

For busy people whose shower time is sometimes the only opportunity they get to relax in privacy, separated from kids and the general demands of life, that’s a real problem. It goes without saying that having a steady stream of hot water in your bathroom is something you shouldn’t live without.

In the early 1990s, Rinnai — a company that produces a range of hot water, cooling, heating and renewable products for residential homes — forever changed the way Australians enjoy their hot water with the launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems. It was a revolutionary leap that provided total confidence and comfort — with the security that your hot water would never run out. They called it Rinnai Infinity and it was embraced enthusiastically by consumers.

Today, on the back of ongoing research and development, the latest Rinnai Infinity units have been refined in an equally revolutionary step that gives them unparalleled performance, exceptional user comfort, outstanding energy efficiency and bonus water conservation technology to help reduce your household’s running costs and environmental footprint — while keeping your shower running hot.

Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow

A fantastic feature of the new Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow models is that they consume no energy until you turn on a tap, meaning you get superior comfort for less money than before. With a range of models available, you can select the right-capacity Rinnai Infinity for your current hot water needs or allow for future increase in demand as your family expands, which is a wise choice that will save you money long-term.

Taking up less space than earlier designs, the slimline Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow unit offers other technical and sustainability enhancements including precise temperature control display, low-emission burners, enhanced safety monitor and Puretemp™ stability control. The compact unit will deliver hot water without the need for a power point, making it ideal for replacement of current systems or low-demand hot water applications.

You can customise and complete your Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow system by installing at least one of a comprehensive range of hot water controllers and accessories to enhance your hot water experience, allowing you to set your desired hot water temperature, turn on the hot tap and enjoy your water just the way you like it.

Made for Australia, Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow hot water products have been designed and engineered to withstand tough Australian conditions while maintaining performance and reliability. Ubiquitous in homes across the country for 30 years, Rinnai Infinity units are tried and tested, and the obvious choice for your hot water needs. After all, we all deserve a long hot shower and a bit of pampering.

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