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With the energy crisis well underway with prices skyrocketing, Australian families are seeking cheaper alternatives to heat their homes.

Gas fireplaces not only offer an economical alternative that can heat large areas quickly and efficiently, but a gas log fireplace cant beat for style and ambience in your home creating a natural meeting place for your family and to entertain.

A high efficiency gas log fireplace will cost the average consumer household approximately $1 per hour and will heat on average 100m2 (depending on size and brand). This is as easy as a click of a button, no need for wood deliveries, cleaning up soot and coal dust.

The Company of Fire Gas Heating

A basic gas space heater will have a thermostat set your temperature and control your environment so keeping the perfect temperature is made simple. With a large viewing window to enjoy the flames. While the newer models are fully customisable with a variety of shapes, trims, media decorations and other bells and whistles for the discerning buyer.

New power flue technology means that a fireplace can be installed in any room in any home. A flue system can run vertically up through a 2 story roof if necessary, down under a house or horizontally straight out through a wall. A  flue can run a maximum up to 13 meters to reach the outside of your home where needed making it versatile and accessible in every Australian home or commercial premises.

At The Company Of Fire, we are truly a one stop fireplace shop, from initial design phase, to supply we also offer a full custom installation if you are not already working with a builder. Creating a unique setting whether it be in a lounge room under your TV or a setting with cabinets and display cases, the choices are limitless. We will come to your home, measure up, you can send us your plans, or supply images of what you like to see finished product and we can customise it for you. No need to project manage this part of your renovation as we will do all the heavy lifting for you. Alternatively, if you are working with a builder, we can simply come and set the fireplace into a premade frame, connect to gas and once your renovations is complete we will come back and commission the fireplace.

Gas Heating for your Home

Creating the perfect fireplace setting in your home to enhance your  interior or décor tastes is easy, visit the https://thecompanyoffire.com.au/ and take a virtual tour of the showroom and see our extensive range of Gas Fireplaces, or come down to Miranda and see our destination showroom in person.

Alternatively call us to discuss your project requirements. Our experienced staff will be able to answer all your questions and provide the information and support required to help you decide what model works for you to simplify this process and provide you with a quote.

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